Modern Aesthetic Living Room Concept, Comfortable and Impressive

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The concept of a modern aesthetic living room is certainly able to give a special impression to anyone who sees it. Changing the living room design with an aesthetic concept is a fun thing. By carrying out this concept, you can make your residence more modern.

There are many themes that you can apply to make your living room more aesthetic even though it has a minimalist size.

Modern Aesthetic Living Room Concept

Impressive Modern Aesthetic Living Room Concept

The living room is the first area in the house which gives the first impression to guests. Therefore, homeowners must pay more careful attention to the design and decoration of the living room.

In this case, an aesthetic living room can be an attractive choice for you to present an impressive room decoration. With the right choice of color and layout, your living room will look more attractive and impressive.

Living Room with Open Plan Concept

Open plan is a residential room concept that does not have many partitions. In other words, one room seems to be one with another.

This concept is widely used by residents with minimalist house sizes to make the house feel more spacious. So how do you create a modern aesthetic living room using this concept?

The important thing you need to pay attention to is the use of similar colors and furniture between the living room and the living room. With the same tone, one room will become one theme which will give a more interesting and impressive impression.

Aesthetic with a Warm Feel

This modern aesthetic living room concept can give a comfortable and warm impression. With cream-colored walls and wooden furniture in a light brown color.

The sofa is a grayish color. Meanwhile, the table and sofa furniture appears in a unique design that uses jengki-style legs. Next, you can add patterned carpet decorations to create your comfort.

Shabby Chic Living Room Design

One living room concept that is popular with millennials is a living room with a shabby chic theme. Through this concept choice, you can add a fashion roller blind window.

This can make the living room seem more sweet. Furthermore, using patterned pillowcases can also be quite an interesting decorative detail.

However, you should avoid placing accessories with too many motifs. Use simple motifs with matching tones so that they can give your living room its charm.

Down to Earth feel

This concept is very suitable for those of you who like neutral concepts. This theme is very suitable for a minimalist living room because it doesn’t make it seem cramped. The first way you can apply this is to paint the walls white.

The next step in applying this modern aesthetic living room decoration concept is to place a set of brown wooden sofas with a white table with a glass top. Meanwhile, on the walls you can add decorations in the form of rattan and hanging moon mirrors which can give a beautiful and impressive impression.