Turkish Style Living Room Design, Impresses Modern But Elegant

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Turkish style living room is very attractive for those of you who like designs that are more different from other living rooms. Yes, the living room is one of the rooms that must be in the house.

Because the room is related to guests, you as the host must provide an extraordinary design. Nowadays, you can choose from many choices of living room designs that suit your tastes.

But, not all living room designs are the same and give the same impression, right? Therefore, make sure you use a design concept that doesn’t make your house seem ordinary. One of the most modern living room designs that many people choose is the Turkish country-style design.

Turkish Style Living Room

Turkish Style Living Room Design

Turkish style living room is different from the designs of other countries. Because the design of this country living room is simpler and looks elegant, but still carries a modern concept, yes.

So the living room doesn’t look ordinary. Who doesn’t want their living room to be beautiful and make visitors feel at home? Surely that’s what everyone wants.

A beautiful living room doesn’t just make guests feel at home. You as the homeowner also have high self-confidence and when you gather with guests you feel more comfortable.


The first design for a Turkish living room is a vintage concept that gives a neutral impression. You can add some living room furniture such as pillows and don’t forget to also install a rug. Installing a rug to complete the interior of the living room, OK?

Comes in White and Cream Colors

In general, Turkish guest house designs feature neutral colors such as white and cream. Because both give the impression of being more elegant and less luxurious. If you want it to look more complete and beautiful, you can add several rugs that match these two colors.


Apart from white and cream, you can design a living room like Turkey with a design theme using turquoise. Where the color turquoise is a color that displays freshness. To make it look more modern, you can add a quality sofa and a vase of flowers or green plants.

Plain Motif

In Turkey, several fabrics are often used together. This is a characteristic of that country. Don’t be surprised if all the rooms have different motifs, one of which is the living room.

Turkish style living room could be an option for you and your family to apply a newer and more modern style. Surely your guests will experience a new experience and a different atmosphere. Conversations will last longer with the feel of this living room.